Thursday, February 5, 2009

TWTWTW - That Was The Week That Was!

It's been a busy week with Neighborhood Councils throughout the City of Los Angeles hosting Forums and Meet the Candidates events.

I have been blown away by the warm and friendly reception at every event, without exception or reservation. Here are some of my observations and comments. First and foremost, however, I must extend a sincere "Thank You" to all the residents who gave up two or three hours of their time to find out about their choices in the March election. Second, to the officers of the Neighborhood Councils who hosted the events, I truly appreciate your efforts in hosting these important opportunities for voters to be better informed, and for making all of the candidates feel welcome.

Monday, February 2, 2009
North Hills West Neighborhood Council City Attorney Forum
All candidates gave the audience some spirited answers to tricky questions. When I say "all candidates" I have to exclude Jack Weiss, as he could not be bothered to attend. He's either too important for 'ordinary voters,' or he's scared of being confronted by me over his dismal record as Councilmember for CD5, and his unethical conduct in failing to repay tax-payers for the matching funds he received by using illegal money-laundered campaign contributions. The Forum was expertly conducted by David Hyman, the North Hills West Neighborhood Council Outreach Chair, who graciously allowed all candidates to be heard, and all questions to be answered.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009
Harbor Gateway Neighborhood Council Candidates Forum
Again, Jack Weiss was a no-show. The cowardice and spinelessness of the man who claims to be some sort of super crime-fighter is palpable, and so I used a photo of the tight-lipped disgraced soon-to-be former councilmember to the delight of the audience. Gang crime, graffiti and overcrowded rental housing seemed to top the list of concerns in this neighborhood, all of which are matters I would be delighted to tackle as City Attorney.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009
Chatsworth Neighborhood Council - City Attorney Forum
Guess what? Jack Weiss was a no-show again! Jack's speechless photo again entertained the audience as I questioned the self-professed super crime-fighter's arrogance, distain and utter contempt for homeowners. On a personal note, I truly appreciated the delicious food and coffee provided by Vicky as I didn't have time to eat as I battled the rush hour traffic to get to Chatsworth on time. I also appreciated some pointed questioning from Dan, who should seriously consider a career in politics - I'd vote for him in a heartbeat! I also appreciated the way that Judy Daniels conducted the meeting and moved things along with her inimitable style and sharp wit.

Even though the Chatsworth Neighborhood Council officers were kind enough to let the candidates speak before they conducted their important regular business, all candidates stayed to learn a little about the issues that concern this friendly equestrian community.

Thursday, February 5, 2009
South Robertson & Palms Neighborhood Council
This was a forum for Councilmember candidates seeking to win the seat Jack Weiss is leaving in disgrace. The meeting room at Hamilton High School was packed with standing room only. Of course it now goes without saying that Jack Weiss was not in attendance. While the audience struggled to decide which councilmember candidate they dare to trust to be their voice against over-development and billboard blight, every member of the audience that I spoke to were decided on one thing - they do not want Jack Weiss to be City Attorney. Music to my ears, as almost all the people I spoke to were interested and intrigued by my candidacy.


Jon Perlman, MD said...


Knowing you as I do living in the same neighborhood, I cannot help but endorse your efforts to become LA's next City Attorney. All should know that you are a man of superior integrity and dedication. LA seems to lack many politicians with a spine. Let it be known that you have one.......
You've got my vote.

C. Keeling, Detective said...

Having had the opportunity to work side by side with you as you changed the quality of life in the Lancaster area, you are definitely the man for the job in LA. The time has come to have someone with the integrity, dedication, and smarts to make life uncomfortable for those gang members and parolees who have NOT been "rehabilitated," and those who simple choose not to abide by the laws of the land. Although I will not be able to vote in the LA City election, everyone I know within that area will be voting for DAVID BERGER for City Attorney.