Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Couldn't Say It Better - Weiss Is "Unfit"

Monday, May 18, 2009

The LA Times says it so well.

Take a look for yourself by clicking on the images above.

Read'em and weep Jackass Weiss, you are about to be flushed down one of the toilets that the Mayor's buddies just cleaned.

Hit the road Jack!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Who Said "I Am Not A Crook"

Weiss Campaign Crumbles - Desperate Times For The "Experienced" Loser

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I did so look forward to this morning's Sunday LA Times, especially as in it's endorsement section, these TRU-ly joyous words:

"Los Angeles city attorney: Carmen Trutanich. He's a lawyer with solid prosecutorial and defense experience and would bring some needed new perspective to the city attorney's office. Opponent Jack Weiss is running a progressively negative campaign that underscores his unfitness for the post."

Read the Time's own words by CLICKING HERE.

If I needed any further proof that Weiss is "UNFIT" for the post, the evidence was provided by Jack Weiss's supporters, who vandalized three Trutanich Yard Signs last night. Neighbors are also reporting that their Trutanich signs have been similarly vandalized.


It's a sure sign of desperation in the final days of Jack Weiss's political career, that those who support him commit the crimes of Vandalism, Trespass and Littering. But it's no surprise really - many of Jack's supporters are criminals.

Weiss supporters beware. As David Vahedi also suffered similar attacks from Paul Koretz supporters, video cameras caught the culprits.

Oh, and don't worry, there are more signs and we'll be waiting for Weiss supporters to vandalize them. It would make a great election day headline "Weiss Supporters Arrested For Vandalism." I don't think the Times will need too much persuasion to run that story...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Where To Vote

If you, like me, have not received your Voter Information pamphlet, don't worry.

Thanks to the League of Women Voters Education Fund, you can find out where you will be voting by CLICKING HERE.

Weiss Campaign Has Lost The Media

Saturday, May 15, 2009

As the days to the election dwindle down in the single digits, the press has been ablaze with reports of Jack Weiss-related misconduct, deception and negativity.

Today's LA Times carries two interesting articles:

David Zahniser digs deeper into Jack Weiss's illegal fundraiser in "Former L.A. pension board member may have broken ethics law."

Maeve Reston debunks some of the lies in Jack Weiss's ads in "Analyzing the facts in city attorney's race ads."

Earlier in the week, Sherri Okamoto's article in the Metropolitan News Enterprise "Zine Joins Attorneys’ Call for Investigation of Weiss’ Campaign Fundraising" discussed calls for an investigation into Jack Weiss's illegal fundraising.

The LA Weekly's article; "Bill Bratton's Endorsement Spectacle" is sharply critical of Chief Bratton's 'no-brainer' endorsement' of Jack Weiss and the unsavory nature of the Weiss-Villaraigosa machine.

Perhaps "Article of the Week" award should go to Roger Grace at the Metropolitan News Enterprise for: "Jack Weiss’s Campaign Approach Is Affront to the Legal Profession."

If "Article of the Week" goes to the Metropolitan News Enterprise, the Emmy goes to FOX 11 News reporter John Schwada.

Amid John Schwada's reportage of shenanigans with various Los Angeles pensions board appointees and advisors, Jack Weiss's got an unexpected visit from Schwada.

Weiss looked completely like a deer in the headlights when confronted by poor choices with his fundraising activities. The significant part of the story is Weiss's initial flat out lie when he tries to pretend that this was the first time he was made aware of the matter. Please CLICK HERE to see Jack Weiss trying to fool us on broadcast television.

I have just learned that the Sunday LA Times will carry an Editorial that will be sharply critical of Jack Weiss and may go as far as to call him "unfit" for the position of City Attorney.

What does all this mean?

There are voters who only know Jack Weiss because his name has been around Los Angeles politics for 8 years. This week's media attention will make them realize that they recognize the name "Weiss" for the same reason that they recognize the name "Blagojevich."

Averill 'Ace' Smith, Jack Weiss's strategist and architect of the dirtiest of campaigns, might now be ruing what he believed was Jack Weiss's strongest asset; "name recognition." The problem for Smith and Jack Weiss is that name recognition is a double edged sword.

The Weiss name has only been recognizable in this critical week because of his alleged involvement in illegal fundraising. That, in turn, has revealed his appalling record of arrogance, disregard for residents, affinity with special interests, and absences from City Hall.

The importance of getting out to vote and getting others to do the same has never been more important in our city's history. If you want to save Los Angeles from the clutches of someone who is in my opinion a morally corrupt politician, then share this week's news with as many of your friends, family and co-workers as possible.

They don't have to take my word for it, they don't have to take your word for it, just tell them to use the linked media reports above and form their own opinions.

Those who have truly known Jack Weiss because of his disservice to the community that elected him, as opposed to his service to the 'community' that pays him, will only breathe a sigh of relief when the last vote is counted and Weiss's political career is over.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Has Jack Weiss Lawyered Up?

Friday, May 15, 2009

I reported on Wednesday's Rally to Call For An Investigation Into Jack Weiss's Illegal Fundraising.

Thankfully, reporters Sherri Okamoto from The Metropolitan News Enterprise and Greg Katz from The Daily Journal reported the demands of Councilmember Dennis Zine, KRLA 870AM's Kevin James, and your humble servant, to Investigate Jack Weiss's Illegal Fundraising.

Additionally, I demanded that our Police Chief Bratton now withdraw his inflammatory and controversial endorsement of Jack Weiss as Jack Weiss is either a 'Person of Interest' or a suspect in the illegal fundraiser held in Beverly Hills by the disgraced former City Pensions Commissioner Kelly Candaele, who unlawfully hosted a fundraiser for Jack Weiss on April 27, 2009, and who promptly resigned the following day.

I also reported that during the Rally, I was intrigued to see Averill 'Ace' Smith - the Jack Weiss campaign strategist, paying close attention to our Rally.

After the Rally I noticed Averill in a somewhat dejected state, standing head bowed with his hands in his pockets, while some then unidentified sharply dressed male was engaged in an animated conversation with reporters. I took a photograph because it intrigued me. Who was that man? What was he saying? I thought it newsworthy, so I reported separately on what appeared to be a sign of 'Weiss Camp Worries."

Imagine my joy and surprise upon reading Sherri Okamoto's excellent reportage this morning. Sherri identified the sharply dressed male as one of Los Angeles's top criminal defense attorneys; former Assistant U.S. Attorneys Steven G. Madison, currently a partner with Quinn Emanuel Urquhart Oliver & Hedges LLP.

Sherri Okamoto reported that Steven G. Madison was "Accompanying" Averill - Jack Weiss's campaign strategist. Why would one of LA's top criminal defense attorneys be "Accompanying" Smith at my Rally?

During the lunch hour I received a call from KRLA's Kevin James, who had also read Okamoto's piece. Kevin was fired up "Do you realize who Steven G. Madison is?" he said. "Yes, a criminal defense attorney, how ironic that Weiss, who has vilified the criminal defense bar, would have a criminal defense attorney in tow at the rally." I replied.

But as Kevin James pointed out, Steven G. Madison is no ordinary top defense attorney. It was Steven G. Madison who just recently defended George Tores - the boss of Numero Uno who was convicted on 55 out of 56 federal racketeering charges on April 20, 2009. That's no reflection on Madison; a good attorney with a truly bad client hasn't got much to work with.

Ex Numero Uno Boss George Tores

Kevin James pointed me to an article written by LA Weekly reporter Jeffrey Anderson on April 30, 2009. I recommend you reading the article to get some sense of how corrupt the Numero Uno boss was. If you haven't the time to read the whole article, let me excerpt the really interesting part here, as it may relate to why Jack Weiss's campaign manager had a top criminal defense attorney in tow.

"Yet the jury heard enough to reach a speedy decision: Torres was convicted on almost every count, including his attempt to bribe former L.A. City planning commissioners Steven Carmona and George Luk to secure a zoning permit.

Still, the question remains, how many other public officials were influenced by Torres’ money? How many other L.A.P.D. officers got close enough to Torres to arouse suspicion? The indictment states that an L.A. City Councilman appeared to be waiting in the wings to receive bag money from Torres, via Carmona and Luk.

Who could that have been? Is that person still in office?"

Unfortunately, neither the LA Weekly article nor the Indictment names the "L.A. City Councilman," leaving us to wonder who it might be.

Jack Weiss sits on the Planning and Land Use Management Committee where controversial decisions on zoning variances are often made. It has been widely reported that Jack Weiss has often sided with developers over the interests of his own constituents in granting zoning variances to allow for unpopular developments that are hugely profitable to developers.

Jack Weiss's campaign finance reports show that Weiss receives the bulk of his campaign contributions from developers, contractors, and all the law firms associated with the over-development in Council District 5 that led to the recent recall effort to remove Weiss from City Hall.

Of course, developers, contractors, and their law firms are free to contribute to politicians' campaigns, but in Jack Weiss's case, it has been established that Jack Weiss has received illegal campaign contributions from persons associated with Alan Casen's development company. Illegal campaign contributions that Jack Weiss has steadfastly refused to return in accordance with Campaign Finance Law, and as recently demanded by the California Fair Practices Political Commission.

As recently as April 27, 2009, Weiss again was party to the receipt of illegal campaign contributions, and this time he cannot claim to be 'ignorant' of the illegality, as he voted to appoint the City Pensions Board Commissioner who co-hosted the illegal fundraiser, and he voted for the law making fundraising illegal for City appointees.

So what was Jack Weiss's campaign strategist and spokesman doing with on May 13, 2009, at my Rally with Steven G. Madison, one of LA's top criminal defense attorneys?

I did a little research into Steven G. Madison. All the information I have come from his firm's website. Madison's 'Notable Representations' include the following:

"Represented several witnesses in a political corruption investigation of a sitting Los Angeles City Councilman."

"Represented a City Councilmember in a criminal environmental investigation arising out of waste water spill during an El NiƱo storm; government determined the Councilmember was only a witness, not a subject or target."

Now I stress again that Steven G. Madison is a highly respected and ethical defense attorney. Everyone guilty or innocent has the right to the very finest legal representation they can obtain. I have no doubt whatsoever that based on the information on his firm's website, Steven G. Madison is highly skilled and effective in the defense of Councilmembers.

In Sherri Okamoto's article, Steven G. Madison is quoted commenting on the call for an investigation into Jack Weiss as saying '“what we’re seeing here is…partisan politics infecting the criminal justice system,” insisting that the criminal justice system should not be used to “investigate my political enemy.”'

You might well believe that Steven G. Madison is setting up a defense for any indictment that might result from an investigation into Jack Weiss's illegal fundraising.

The fact, of course, is that we do not know whether Steven G. Madison is Jack Weiss's attorney, or Averill Smith's attorney for that matter. But I think Walter Moore is entirely right to ask of Jack Weiss "Who are your attorney's and why are they representing you?"

The cornerstone of Jack Weiss's vile and deceitful campaign has been repeated demands to know the clients represented by Carmen Trutanich. So Jack Weiss should have no problem in informing us of which defense attorneys represent him, and why. Don't expect Jack Weiss to answer that question. After all, with Jack it's always "Listen to what I say, don't look at what I do."

On a final note, Sherri Okamoto reported that Averill Smith told her that 'Trutanich’s failure to make an appearance at the event [Rally] “speaks volumes about the lack of seriousness of the charges,” and criticized the candidate for lacking the “courage to stand out here himself.”'

If indeed there was a "lack of seriousness of the charges," why was Jack Weiss's campaign strategist and spokesperson there in the first place, and why was he "Accompanied" by one of LA's top defense attorneys who seems to be an expert in the defense of Councilmen?

I cannot put it better than Walter Moore "As a voter, I’d love to know whether this race is between a criminal defense lawyer, on the one hand, and a criminal defense lawyer’s client, on the other hand."

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Weiss Camp Worries at Calls For Investigation

Wednesday, May 13, 2009
Los Angeles City Hall

Today's Rally on the steps of City Hall drew a mixed crowd. The vast majority were there to show their support for the calls to investigate Jack Weiss, as reported below.

But there was another small group watching intently, Jack Weiss's campaign advisor, Ace Smith (blue shirt, hands in pockets), and two sharply dressed unidentified men, seen here engaged in obviously highly animated tones with reporters Sherri Okamoto and Greg Katz from the Metropolitan News, and the Daily Journal, respectively.

The old adage, 'a picture paints a thousand words' is perhaps most apt here. As Ace Smith stands head bowed, perhaps in despair as his carefully crafted campaign falls apart, the unidentified gentlemen holds his hands defensively as he tries to address accusations of Jack Weiss's corruption and incompetence.

From the expression on his face and his gestures, he may be failing to answer the reporter's questions convincingly.

Investigate Jack Weiss!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009
Los Angeles City Hall

We gathered on the steps of City Hall today to demand an immediate investigation into Jack Weiss's illegal fundraising activities.

It was my honor to introduce Councilman Dennis Zine and KRLA 870AM Talk-Show host Kevin James to the media.

Councilman Zine spoke passionately about his 8 years of experience with the arrogant, corrupt and (perhaps thankfully) largely absent Jack Weiss.

Councilman Zine had a dire warning for Los Angelenos, electing Jack Weiss would be disastrous.

There's no question that Jack Weiss's record of law breaking raises more than a question mark over Jack Weiss's moral and ethical suitability for the Office of City Attorney.

Councilman Zine is a hard act to follow, but KRLA 870AM's Talk-Show Host, Kevin James was up to the task. James is a former prosecutor and he knows a crime when he sees it.

James demanded an immediate investigation into the crimes in Beverly Hills when Jack Weiss attended a fundraiser co-hosted by shamed ex-City Commissioner Kelly Candaele. Fundraising by a City appointed individual is a violation of the Los Angeles Municipal Code, and Weiss knows that as he voted for that law.

James questioned why, when the evidence against Jack Weiss is so compelling and basically unchallenged by Jack Weiss, there is still no prospect of an investigation before the May 19 election. It's not like there's that much to investigate - the law is clear, and the facts are uncontested. James called for the assistance of the media in demanding a swift investigation.

Kevin looked straight into the eyes of Jack Weiss spokesperson Ace Smith (bue shirt, hands in pockets) as he piled accusation after accusation of documented misconduct on Jack Weiss. Smith had no answer or statement for us, doubtless waiting for an opportunity to spin the story to the media after the event.

I wrapped up the Rally with my thanks to Councilman Zine and Kevin James, as well as all the supporters who took time from their busy schedules to show their support for restoring truth and integrity to City Hall.

I urged the media to inform the public of the need for an investigation into Jack Weiss's involvement in violations of our election laws, and called on them to deliver my demand to Chief Bratton that he immediately withdraw his endorsement of Jack Weiss. "It is wholly unacceptable that the Chief of Police of the nation's second largest city is endorsing Jack Weiss - a suspect in election law misconduct."

We'll all be scanning the newspapers in the next few days to see if our message is delivered.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rally to Demand Investigation Into Jack Weiss Illegal Fundraising

When: 2:00PM May 13, 2009
Where: City Hall - South Lawn steps

There is now so much public outrage at Jack Weiss's flagrant and brazen flouting of our campaign finance laws that on Wednesday, May 13, 2009, at 2:00PM Councilman Dennis Zine will hold a Rally on the steps of City Hall, on the South Lawn.

Councilman Zine will lead the call for action for an investigation into Jack Weiss's illegal fundraising, and he will be joined by KRLA 870AM's talk-show host Kevin James in the call to action to put an end to the cynical disregard for law demonstrated by Jack Weiss.

I will also be joining Rally to add my voice to those of Councilman Zine and Kevin James, and I will additionally demand that Chief Bratton now withdraw his endorsement of Jack Weiss, pending the outcome of the investigation.

This is not a fundraiser, this is an opportunity for you to voice your support for an important call to end the corruption in City Hall.

'X' marks the spot where we will meet on Wednesday. I have marked the nearest public parking with a 'P' if you decide to travel by car.

Please join the growing tide of public outrage at Jack Weiss and demand an investigation.

Fox 11 News - John Schwada Nails Weiss in Lie

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

In case you don't have time to read the detailed report into Jack Weiss's fundraiser hosted by a convicted felon (see below), here's Fox 11's investigative report by John Schwada.

The really enjoyable part is at the begining where Weiss tries to lie his way out of the entire interview by saying "It's the first I've heard about it."

The look on Weiss's face tells the whole story; Weiss is caught red handed and doesn't know where to go. You also get to see the really nasty side of this arrogant failed politician.

It's not hard to understand why Weiss is so roundly hated and despised by everyone who knows him.

Weiss Lies About Attending Fundraiser Hosted By Convicted Felon

Monday, May 11, 2009
More Jack Weiss Hypocrisy - Jack Attends Felon Fundraiser

Not content with holding an illegal fundraiser to bolster his failing campaign to become Los Angeles's next City Attorney, City Hall's 'Teflon Don,' Jack Weiss decided to do his fundraising at the home of convicted felon Michael Gottmann Rosenberg (54), on Sunday, May 3, 2009.

A pair of Jaguar sedans and a brand new Lexus grace the driveway of Rosenberg's $4M South Rimpau Blvd. home in L.A.'s exclusive Hancock Park neighborhood.

It was here, on Sunday, May 3, 2009, that Jack Weiss was rubbing shoulders with with Rosenberg and his guests to collect campaign contributions.

Court records show that on November 15, 1995, Rosenberg was convicted of a massive health industry fraud involving his operation of elder care and drug treatment facilities known as Walnut Convalescent Hospital, Convalescent Care Center, Hope House (also known as Merit Manor and Citi Lodge .

Rosenberg was sentenced to time behind bars and 5 years felony probation by the Judge who also issued an order that Rosenberg was "not to seek employment in the nursing-home or health-care industry."

Rosenberg opened his home to Weiss on Sunday to help Weiss raising money for his campaign. Weiss attended and must have thanked his host for his "support." Weiss, a former prosecutor must have known of Rosenberg's criminal past, but he must also have assumed that so close to the election, nobody would find out until it was too late.

Weiss was wrong. Very wrong.

Tonight Fox 11 News reporter John Schwada broke the story in the 10:00pm news. Weiss was visibly horrified at being confronted with the facts about his questionable fundraising.

Weiss tried to pretend that he did not know anything about it, but when Schwada told him that his campaign was aware of the 'problem' last Wednesday, Weiss changed his story and said he would be returning the money.

You can take that statement with a pinch of salt. Weiss was supposed to return funds from the illegal Beverly Hills fundraiser he held on Monday, April 27. But Weiss's campaign finance report dated May 2, 2009, failed to disclose any returned contributions.

The day after Weiss's campaign finance report was filed, Weiss went to the Hancock Park Felon Fundraiser, and today's promise to return those funds as well is just political hyperbole - a lie.

Jack Weiss has built his campaign on attacking Carmen Trutanich for being an attorney who defends criminals. Yet Weiss has no problem breaking the law himself to raise money, neither does he have a problem taking money from a convicted criminal. In return for what, you may rightly ask?

Court records show that Rosenberg was defended by two private attorneys, R. Tallcott, Esq., and J. P. Martin, Esq. I assume Weiss did not take campaign contributions from them, but with Jack it's all about "Listen to what I say, but don't look at what I do."

Thanks to the internet and modern technology, Jack's lies are failing to work and the truth is coming out.

Not a moment too soon.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Jack Weiss Picks Up Major Endorsement

Sunday, May 10, 2009

With the polls for Carmen Trutanich and Jack Weiss "too close to call" a week and change before the May 19 election to see who will be our next City Attorney, the Weiss Campaign have released their bombshell secret weapon; an endorsement from former candidate Noel Weiss.

Just take a moment to see what Noel had to say on the topic of his new BFF, Jack Weiss.

If the video does not play in the window above, use this link to view it:


Friday, May 8, 2009

Weiss Campaign - Prison Prospects Provoke Pandemonium

Friday, May 8, 2009

As scandal after scandal continues to plague the house of cards that is the Jack Weiss campaign for City Attorney, the wheels appear to be coming of the wagon.

Whoever is writing the script for the last days of the Jack Weiss campaign must be wondering what else can possibly go wrong for the erstwhile 'Teflon Don' of Los Angeles politics.

As parallel investigations by the SEC, City Ethics Commission and the District Attorney's Office continue to probe into what has become known as 'Kellygate" - the illegal fundraiser held at the home of Beverly Hills philanthropists Daphna and Richard Ziman by Kelly Candaele (a City Pensions Commissioner), another scandal is emerging; Weiss has covered-up evidence of the illegal fundraiser.

Weiss spokesperson, Ace Smith (82), had promised that Jack Weiss would return the illegally obtained contributions, however, Jack Weiss's latest Campaign Finance Disclosure fails to mention any returned contributions, as required by law.

10 days remain before the May 19, 2009 election when former deputy district attorney Carmen Trutanich is poised to take out the 'Teflon Don.' Weiss looks likely to lose the election having failed to raise the $2M that he needs to buy his seat as Los Angeles City Attorney. But the real question is, will the indictments come before or after the election?

Weiss Tries To Cover Up Evidence of Illegal Fundraiser

Friday, May 8, 2009

The saga of Jack Weiss's Illegal Fundraiser continues as it now appears that Weiss has not returned the illegal donations he received as a result of his illegal Beverly Hills fundraiser held on Monday, April 27, 2009.

The invitation to the exclusive, but illegal fundraiser

The LA Times reported that Weiss "...Will give back roughly $20,000 raised from Monday's event" said his campaign consultant Ace Smith.

Weiss spokesperson Ace Smith (72)

According to City Election law, Weiss has to report all contributions received as well as those returned to the City Ethics Commission.

According to the most recent Campaign Finance Report submitted by the embattled Weiss campaign, NO CONTRIBUTIONS WERE RETURNED WHATSOEVER.

Interestingly, no contributions were reported as being received from Daphna or Richard Ziman, owners of the secluded mansion where the illegal fundraiser was held. This fact leaves one to wonder whether the Weiss campaign are illegally withholding details of all the illegal campaign donations they received at the Ziman's residence.

Crime Scene; the Ziman's $16M Beverly Hills home

The fundraiser was illegal because it was co-hosted by a City appointee, Kelly Candaele, who resigned within 4 hours of the Mayor's Office being questioned about the illegal activity. Under Los Angeles Municipal Code Section 49.7.8, a city appointee may not engage in political fundraising.

Weiss is, of course, no stranger to failures to return illegal campaign contributions. Weiss has still not returned the money-laundered campaign contributions he received from developer Alan Casden's employees and associates.

Complaints into Weiss's illegal conduct have been submitted to the District Attorney's Office, as well as to the City Ethics Commission.

With less than 2 weeks to the May 19, 2009 election, Weiss must be praying that the attempts to cover up his illegal conduct continue to deflect media attention.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Crime Scene - Philanthropist Daphna Ziman's Home Hosts Illegal Fundraiser

Monday, May 4, 2009, Beverly Hills

It's altogether another world for the vast majority of Los Angelenos; the world of the rich and privileged who clubbed together on Monday, April 27, 2009, to pay money to Jack Weiss.

Unbeknownst to most of them, they were participating in a crime - violating campaign finance law for the benefit of a corrupt politician; Jack Weiss.

An apparently small group of Beverly Hills super-rich elitists gathered at the Ziman home; a 10,311 square foot, 7 bed, 7 bath $16,000,000 (yes, that's $16M) Mega-Mansion that hides behind dense manicured foliage and a matched pair of wrought iron gates that costs more than the average Angeleno earns in a year.

The price of admission? A check for $1,000 to Weiss and no questions asked, thank you.

The gated compound that is 1006 N. Rexford Drive, Beverly Hills, 90210 is home to the super-rich celebrity couple Daphna and Richard Ziman. But on Monday night it was nothing more than a sordid crime scene.

The multi-millionaires, philanthropist Daphna (pictured above with American Idol winner Ruben Studdard) and her husband, former lawyer Richard, were probably unwitting accomplices to the filthy world of Jack Weiss politics that the LA Times bravely uncovered in their recent article.

The aerial photographs above show what is invisible to the majority of Los Angelenos; a secluded multi-million dollar home that offers a lavish lifestyle that few can achieve, let alone aspire to.

Welcome to the world of Jack Weiss, where hard work is a dirty word, and deceit and dishonesty are simply the incidences of admission.

Jack Weiss is engaged in a desperate battle to salvage his failing political career, and chose to ignore the law and shake down as many of his wealthy 'friends' as possible to finance his filthy, negative and untruthful campaign to buy the City Attorney's Office.

Co-host to the illegal fundraiser was Kelly Candaele (pictured above), a self-proclaimed "writer, filmmaker, teacher and elected official in Los Angeles."

In 2005 Candaele was appointed by Mayor Villaraigosa to the Los Angeles City Employees' Retirement System Board of Directors. In one of his rare appearances at City Hall proceedings, Jack Weiss as Councilmember for Council District 5, unquestioningly voted for the Mayor's appointee.

Equally unquestioningly, in 2004 Weiss also voted for a law that prohibits City appointed officials such as Candaele from engaging in campaign fundraising activities. Doubtless, Weiss relished basking in the illusion of being an "ethically correct politician."

However, at the same time that Weiss voted for the law, he was under investigation for being the recipient of thousands of dollars of money laundered illegal campaign contributions from property developer Alan Casden's corporate connections.

Ever the master of deceit and deception, Weiss evaded prosecution claiming that "He did not know" that the contributions he received were illegal. However, despite Weiss's ignorance he has has steadfastly refused to return the illegal campaign contributions as required by the Los Angeles City Charter and demanded by the Fair Political Practices Committee.

Given Weiss's apparent comfort level with accepting illegal campaign contributions, it cannot have bothered Weiss one iota that the Ziman's home was to be a crime scene on the night of Monday, April 27, 2009.

On that fateful night Weiss was unquestioningly admitted behind the wrought iron gates to the mansion where he doubtless obsequiously greeted co-host Kelly Candaele - the man he voted to appoint as a commissioner to the Pensions Board. Weiss cannot possibly have not known that Candaele was breaking the law in fundraising for him - he voted for Candaele and he voted for the law prohibiting Candaele from doing what he was doing; fundraising for Weiss.

But Weiss's desperation to finance his acquisition of the City Attorney's Office was more important than the law he's supposed to follow. Weiss needs that money to finance his hate-filled campaign airing glitzy misleading television advertisements proclaiming himself as some sort of super crime fighter. The law seemingly only applies to ordinary people, not the elite who worship at the feet of Jack Weiss.

Weiss apparently scooped up about $20,000 in donations on the night of the crime. You may well think that $20,000 is far less than the Mayor's 'Golden Boy' should have been able to extort from the Beverly Hills elite, but the reality is that Jack's arrogance and lack of people skills has finally caught up with him, and the donations are far and few between.

Big Union money now holds the key to Weiss's future, but as the sordid details of the 'Kellygate" scandal now unravel the incredibly arrogant and facile deceit Weiss practiced on his wealthy 'friends,' perhaps organized labor will chose to distance themeless from the slow motion train wreck that is the Weiss campaign.

Weiss's campaign manager s currently Mayor Villaraigosa and his campaign strategist is San Francisco based Ace Smith who masterminded Hillary Clinton's failed Presidential campaign.

Both Villaraigosa and Smith are probably wondering how they could have been so inept as to hitch their wagons to Weiss, and both are probably looking for a convenient bus under which to throw Jack Weiss.

While Jack Weiss was busy raking in illegal campaign donations on Monday night, Carmen Trutanich was hosted at a legal fundraiser at the Sheraton Hotel in Universal City.

Carmen Trutanich has been endorsed by the LA Times, the LA Daily News, the Metropolitan News and every single law enforcement agency in Los Angeles County including District Attorney Steve Cooley, Sheriff Lee Baca and the LAPD Union. Now you know why.

In the face of overwhelming evidence of either ineptitude or arrogance, or both, anyone who stands by Jack Weiss is condemned to be tarred with the same brush of cynical derision for the laws of mankind.

Jack Weiss's illegal conduct has gone unchallenged for too long. The very thought that this sort of elitist scum has any place in civilized society is an affront to basic notions of decency, and it's time to let criminal prosecution determine Jack's future.

It's time to elect decent and honest City Attorney, and Carmen Trutanich's appellation as the 'People's Lawyer' is perhaps the most fitting description of who we need to look after our interests.

As for Weiss, the "Elitist's Lacky" - as long as the super-rich continue to thrown their money like confetti at Weiss, they risk being sucked down into the dirty world of unethical conduct that is Jack Weiss; Los Angeles' version of Rod Blagojevich.