Monday, April 13, 2009

Voters Call Jack Weiss on Missing 33% of Council Meetings and 1500 Votes

Many thanks to the Mayor Sam Blog for reporting the following:

Jack Weiss' poor attendance at Council Meetings was reported months ago by Zuma Dogg. But now it's gathering steam as a respected group of his constituents call him on the carpet.

The La Brea Willoughby Coalition has filed a Public Records Act request with Councilmember Jack Weiss’ office after learning that he has missed over one third of all Council meetings and 1,500 votes. The document requests immediate access to inspect Weiss’ calendar, correspondences and all other documents that may explain his whereabouts during those important votes.

Leader of the La Brea Willoughby Coalition, Lucille Saunders, states, “I am deeply disturbed to learn that you have neglected your role as a Councilmember in keeping our community safe by missing nearly one third of your council meetings and skipping 1,500 votes…[and] you have canceled an astonishing total of 43 Public Safety Committee hearings.”

Saunders, questions Weiss’ commitment to public safety by asking, “What possibly could you be doing that is more important than the public safety of the citizens of Los Angeles?”

Jack Weiss was nearly recalled last year when over twenty thousand residents of his district signed a petition and complained that his neglect of his duties and his support for developers had led to traffic and overcrowding. Weiss received hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from lobbyists and developers — and then voted for their projects. Weiss was fined by the Los Angeles Ethics Commission for past campaigns and has refused to return illegal, laundered campaign contributions from a major developer.


George K in LA said...

Ha ha ha. Now Weiss will have to think of something else to lie his way out of. Want to guess what Weiss will say? How about he was 'not aware' of the meetings? Being 'not aware' is his favorite excuse for dropping the ball. I'm voting for Trutanich. Weiss can go [fill in the blank] himself.

Steven said...

You won't allow anyone to say anything good about Jack - shame on you. Weiss is a decent person who cares about people who nobody else will help. When our Temple needed to transport members of the congregation to the Skirball Center, Jack arranged 3 buses free of charge. The city is supposed to do things like that, but Jack Weiss is the only one who will step up to the plate. So what if he missed a few meetings? Everyone knows that he is not liked at City Hall because he is too clever for the rest of those mumzers. You people make me sick with your hate and lies about Jack Weiss. If you don't like it here - go home!