Thursday, April 16, 2009

Weiss Weakened by Worries Over Record - The Second Debate

April 15, 2009

A large crowd of Valley residents crammed the hall at Notre Dame High School on Wednesday Night. It was standing room only as voters watched Carmen Trutanich and Jack Weiss take part in the second public debate of the general election campaign, hosted by the Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association.

A fuller report will follow, but using the old adage "a picture paints a thousand words," the evening debate started off as it continued throughout the evening with Jack Weiss avoiding questions about his woeful record, and instead attacked Carmen Trutanich for being a defense attorney.

But while Weiss thought he could win the audience with his attacks, he clearly hadn't anticipated Trtanich's fusillade of questions about his poor record of attendance, representation, illegal campaign contributions, over development, and billboard blight.
Weiss was forced to listen to Trutanich making point after point showing Weiss to be a failed politician, and as those points resonated with the audience, Jack's demeanor changed dramatically.
Weiss remained tight-lipped as Trutanich described Weiss's refusal to return illegal campaign contributions was an 'ongoing crime.' Stunningly, Weiss offered no answer for the audience to that accusation.
But while Jack thought he was scoring points by repeatedly asking Carmen Trutanich to name his clients (a question that Trutanich cannot answer under State Bar Rules of Ethics), the audience tired of Jack's strategy and after Jack asked the same question for the fourth time, the audience shut him down with jeers and shouts to 'move on.

As Weiss's attack strategy failed to deflect attention from his record, I'll leave it to you to describe the look on Jack's face...
Weiss appeared relieved when the debate was over, and rushed out of the room.
Trutanich was happy to stay and talk to to LA Times reporter Maeve Reston,

as well audience members who seemingly could not get enough of the man they clearly see as being the next City Attorney.


Craig said...

Weiss looks like a loser to me!

Anonymous said...

If looks could kill.. that last photo of Jack says it all