Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kevin James for Mayor 2013

A refreshing breath of  fresh air swept across the south lawn of Los Angeles City Hall this morning; Kevin James announced his candidacy for Mayor of Los Angeles.

Retired LA Daily News editor Ron Kaye introduced James, a 47 year-old former Assistant US Attorney who currently hosts a late night talk show on KRLA 870.

James gave a short speech outlining his vision for America's second largest city. “LA must become more business friendly across the board. Bringing jobs back is one of my top priorities.” James stated,“Given the wide range of industries based in the Los Angeles region, coupled with the diverse and far reaching pool of talent in our city, there is no city in the country better situated for a major recovery than ours.”

I'm sure it was purely coincidental that the City of Los Angeles decided to cut off the electricity powering the public address system, nevertheless, James's message was clearly heard, leaving little doubt that James means business; business for Los Angeles.

James's business friendly message received enthusiastic applause from the small but influential crown of supporters, and the strong presence of local media showed that James's candidacy is one to be taken seriously.

Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley was amongst the spectators cheering James's candidacy. LA's 'Top Cop' stopped short of an official endorsement, simply describing James as "a very good friend" of many years.

Underlining that James means business, Gary Aminoff a respected businessman and President of the San Fernando Valley Republican Club, showed his support of James's candidacy with hearty congratulations  and encouragement on the launch of the campaign website,

James stated that he expected to raise between $2M to $3M for his campaign, and indicated that he had received commitments for "over a hundred thousand dollars" since word of his candidacy spread yesterday.

Good luck Kevin James, Los Angeles needs you.

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