Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Final Furlong

Today was a good day for signature hunting. I need 500 qualified signatures and my total now stands at 663, just over the 650 I wanted, and that should give me a decent buffer should the City Clerk's office disqualify signatures for any reason.

Once again I was really encouraged by the kind words of support that so many of today's signatories gave me. It's only the early stages of my campaign, but I'm getting the impression that voters are hungry for a candidate that offers something different, honest and practical.

On the lighter side of things, Dennis Woodruff, a documentarian who has finally 'made it' stopped by my local Starbucks aka "temporary campaign HQ," and stuck a videocam in my face and interviewed me. Fame at last!

Dennis Woodruff is a familiar sight on the Hollywood trail, he used to drive around in bright red Cadillac plastered with signs, photos and Oscar statues as he brazenly promoted his movies. Seems like his determination has paid off.

My determination to be the next Los Angeles City Attorney is stronger than ever.

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