Saturday, November 29, 2008

Getting Closer...

Yes! I'm now past the magic 500 signatures needed on my Petition to place my name on the Ballot for the March election. With four days left to submit my signed Petition to the City Clerk's Office, I'm planning on submitting around 650 to be safe.

You may wonder why it is necessary to 'overshoot' by so much? The answer is that despite the best intentions of those who enthusiastically sign my Petition, some signatories lack the penmanship necessary to pass the City Clerk's standards, while others don't print their name exactly as it appears on the Register of Electors.

Although I initially found the signature gathering process somewhat burdensome, I have come to enjoy the process. Some signatories simply sign because it's part of the democratic process, while others enjoy the opportunity to engage me in conversation about my policies. It is really encouraging to hear people get so enthusiastic about my candidacy when they hear what I have to say.

The goodwill and good wishes of so many people have strengthened my belief that Los Angelenos are ready for a change in the way their City has been run, and strengthened my resolve to be the person to bring that change.

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