Saturday, January 17, 2009

Jack "No-Show" Weiss Ducks Questions

The Coalition of Homeowners Associations for Council District 5 held a Forum for Candidates for City Attorney. Now, you would think that Candidate Jack Weiss would be there. After all, he's been the elected Councilmember for Council District 5 for 8 years. Surely he would want to meet with the people he represents?

Take a look at this video from the Forum

It was no surprise to me that Jack Weiss didn't want to face the people that know him better than anyone else; his constituents - the people of Council District 5 whose interests and concerns he has consistently ignored in favor of developers and their associated special interests.

If Weiss won't face the people he represents as councilmember, how different will he be as City Attorney? My guess, and that of everyone else in CD5, is that he will be no different. He will ignore "ordinary" people in favor of Big Money. That's Jack.

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