Friday, January 23, 2009

What Jack Weiss Doesn't Want You To Know Pt 1

KNBC's Emmy winning investigate report "Laundered Elections" focuses heavily on City Attorney wanabe Jack Weiss as well as the current (soon to be ousted) City Attorney Rockard "Rocky" Delgadillo.

Both Weiss and Delgadillo received illegal campaign contributions from one of Los Angeles' biggest developers, as well as contractors and other associated special interests.

Both Weiss and Delgadillo failed to return either the dirty money, or the taxpayer matching funds based on the dirty money. Weiss claims he "didn't know" the money was dirty, so he doesn't have to return it.

Jack Weiss claims to be some sort of "hot shot supper crime fighter" well what does him saying "I didn't know" tell you? He's either stupid or dishonest. Either way it stinks.

Any decent moral person would not want the taint of dirty money, and would put their hand in their pocket and at a minimum repay the taxpayers for the matching funds based on the dirty money. But Jack doesn't want to put his hand in his pocket, he'd rather put his hand in your pocket - that's what matching funds are; taxpayer funds that are given to candidates who raise more than $75,000.

Jack's raised a lot of money, nearly all from developers, contractors, and their like. Jack must like being in their pockets. The question is, do you want him in yours?

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