Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Los Angeles Times

Well, news of my candidacy reached the Los Angeles Times today ...

In a 20 minute interview I tried my best to explain my position on;

The threat that the growth of gangs in Los Angeles means in terms of what Los Angelenos should expect in fighting crime from their next City Attorney, and

How alternatives to jail for low risk convicts could be used to make sure gang members serve their full sentences, and

How it should not be necessary for the City Attorney's Office to have spent $35M on hiring private attorney's to handle "special cases" when the 500 plus deputy city attorneys who work for the Office should be able to do the job, and

How training and cross assignments with other agencies will improve morale and performance in the Office, and

How Jack Weiss' ridiculous plan to cut police services on the Westside is a formula for disaster,

Click here for what they reported.

In all fairness, Maeve Reston, the LA Times reporter who interviewed me was thorough and meticulous. I suspect the problem lies with an editor...

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