Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thank You - City Clerk's Election Division!

Of course I'm overjoyed at having qualified to have my name on the ballot for the March 2009 Primary Election, and full of thanks and gratitude to the 771 registered voters who signed my nominating petition, as well as the many unpaid volunteers who helped with the thankless task of trying to persuade people to sign my petition.

There is another group of people who deserve a huge vote of thanks, namely, the excellent staff at the City Clerk's Office, Elections Division.

Here you see them as one of my opponents, Noel Weiss, files his petition. They were as kind, courteous, and professional to him as they were to me. We were both rather like expectant fathers, anxiously waiting to hear 'good news' on the birth of our campaigns, and safe delivery of our candidacy.

The City Clerk's Election Division staff handled us with just the right amount of good humor, graciousness and efficiency that makes me wish that all government offices were as pleasant as this.

Noel and I had a good chat while the Elections Division took care of our 'babies' and thankfully we both qualified to be placed on the ballot for the March 2009 Election.

I'm now looking forward to getting down to the serious business of campaigning.

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