Sunday, December 28, 2008

Weiss Dodges Campaign Contribution Question

It's a simple enough question;
"Have you received money for your upcoming campaign from the Buckley Schools, and if so, how much?"

Well, click on the 'Play' button bellow to see if Jack Weiss answers the question...

When pressed for a simple "Yes or No," Weiss said "I don't know," and "Go look it up on the internet."

Some might say that it's perfectly reasonable for Jack Weiss not to know the identity of all the people who give him money. However, the issue here was that Weiss approved the expansion of the Buckley private school over the objection of local residents. It is highly likely that parents and supporters of the school contributed to his campaign, so why try to avoid the question?

Is this what you want from your next City Attorney? Evasiveness? Arrogance? A total lack of accountability?

This short piece of video provides an interesting glimpse into the disdain, contempt, and disregard that Jack Weiss holds for "ordinary" people.

I am running for City Attorney because I do not believe any elected official should be allowed to act like this. Fair questions deserve open, honest and frank answers. If Jack Weiss is ashamed of accepting campaign donations from special interests, then why doesn't he return them?

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Anonymous said...

nobody seems to care that this piece of s**t gets away with dodging awkward questions about his sleazy character. Los Angeles needs honest elected officials, Jack Weiss is the last thing we need.