Sunday, January 11, 2009

CD5 Coalition Homeowners Associations rates me "Excellent"

On Saturday morning, January 10, 2009, the Coalition of Homeowners Associations for Council District 5 held a Candidates Forum for all five City Attorney candidates. I was rated "Excellent."

The forum consisted of an intense two-hour series of questions designed to probe candidates' qualifications, ethics and stance on issues. The goal was to find the optimal candidate who will fairly represent the concerns of homeowners.

Pictured above and below, from left to right are; Michael Amerian, David Berger, Carmen Trutanich, and Noel Weiss.
My thanks go to Marcia Selz for hosting the forum and to my fellow candidates for showing up and making for what was a lively and informative forum.

By the way, candidate Jack Weiss refused to attend. He was probably scared at having to face me in an open forum where I could fairly challenge him over his lack of ethics in receiving and keeping money-laundered illegal campaign contributions.

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Jack said...

Hah! So Jack "Weasel" Weiss didn't have the guts to show up? That's a surprise, isn't it? David, the more you get out there and tell LA residents about how corrupt, dishonest and cowardly Jack Weiss is, the more voters you will get. Good luck!