Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dirty Tricks from Jack Weiss's Desperate Campaign?

Today I was shown a mailer that was sent to registered Republican voters. Jack Weiss features prominently on the mailer, suggesting to me that this is one of his "dirty tricks."

Why is it a "dirty trick?" Well, Jack Weiss is not a Republican, neither is Walter Moore, neither are ANY of the candidates mentioned on the mailer, with the exception of Suzy Evans.

So what's the deal here? Clearly the NBC News RAW poll showing me leading and Weiss trailing miserably despite his now all-spent $1.5M war-chest, Jack has no alternative but the desperate move to try to fool a handful of Republican voters that don't know better, that he's "one of them!"

Of course, Jack Weiss will deny any knowledge of this dirty trick. But Weiss has something of a record of denying knowledge, doesn't he? NBC's investigative report "Laundered Elections," into illegal campaign contributions that flowed to Weiss from Alan Casden's development company quoted Weiss as "not knowing" anything.

When called to testify before a Grand Jury, Weiss also claimed to "know nothing" about a $8,000 bill for "lap dancers" paid for by the Entertainment Industry Development Corporation.

When asked if he had received campaign donations from billboard operators, Jack Weiss "did not know."

When asked if he had received campaign donations from anyone connected with the expansion of the Buckley Private School in Sherman Oaks that he approved, Jack Weiss "didn't know" and said "go look it up on the City Ethics Commission website."

For someone who claims to be smart enough to be City Attorney, there's an awful lot that Jack Weiss doesn't know, isn't there?

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