Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weiss Lies?

After receiving a drubbing in the March 3, 2009 Primary Election, Jack Weiss launched his campaign for the May 19 General Election at a fundraiser hosted by the Los Angeles County Young Democrats.

Weiss's pitch to the audience centered around his representation of their values. Seemingly none of the audience were aware of Weiss's actual values.

See the video to gain a little insight to those values...

I wonder how much support for Jack's campaign will continue to crumble now that more and more voters are becoming aware of dirty tricks like this? Are dirty tricks the 'values' that Jack claims to share with the Democrats?

We'll get the answer on May 19, 2009 when Carmen Trutanich is elected to the Office of City Attorney, and Jack Weiss is left to actually get a job. Now that'll be an interesting experience for the career politician won't it? Perhaps he'll become a lobbyist - after all, it seems to be the only occupation in which he's had any experience; well that and dirty tricks!

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