Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weiss Campaign Crumbles - Desperate Times For The "Experienced" Loser

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I did so look forward to this morning's Sunday LA Times, especially as in it's endorsement section, these TRU-ly joyous words:

"Los Angeles city attorney: Carmen Trutanich. He's a lawyer with solid prosecutorial and defense experience and would bring some needed new perspective to the city attorney's office. Opponent Jack Weiss is running a progressively negative campaign that underscores his unfitness for the post."

Read the Time's own words by CLICKING HERE.

If I needed any further proof that Weiss is "UNFIT" for the post, the evidence was provided by Jack Weiss's supporters, who vandalized three Trutanich Yard Signs last night. Neighbors are also reporting that their Trutanich signs have been similarly vandalized.


It's a sure sign of desperation in the final days of Jack Weiss's political career, that those who support him commit the crimes of Vandalism, Trespass and Littering. But it's no surprise really - many of Jack's supporters are criminals.

Weiss supporters beware. As David Vahedi also suffered similar attacks from Paul Koretz supporters, video cameras caught the culprits.

Oh, and don't worry, there are more signs and we'll be waiting for Weiss supporters to vandalize them. It would make a great election day headline "Weiss Supporters Arrested For Vandalism." I don't think the Times will need too much persuasion to run that story...

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Eduardo Subelman said...

Here's something weird. We had our Trutanich lawn signs stolen on Saturday night, same as you report. We replaced them, and they were definitely up at 8:15PM on election night after the polls had closed, when we left home to go to the Trutanich Victory Celebration. My wife and I both remember checking the three signs (ours and our neighbors) to see if they had been stolen a second time, and they were still there.
When we came home after the Celebration, all three Trutanich signs were missing. The three Vahedi signs next to them were not touched.
So who would steal Trutanich signs after the election? Are they now a collector's item?