Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Investigate Jack Weiss!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009
Los Angeles City Hall

We gathered on the steps of City Hall today to demand an immediate investigation into Jack Weiss's illegal fundraising activities.

It was my honor to introduce Councilman Dennis Zine and KRLA 870AM Talk-Show host Kevin James to the media.

Councilman Zine spoke passionately about his 8 years of experience with the arrogant, corrupt and (perhaps thankfully) largely absent Jack Weiss.

Councilman Zine had a dire warning for Los Angelenos, electing Jack Weiss would be disastrous.

There's no question that Jack Weiss's record of law breaking raises more than a question mark over Jack Weiss's moral and ethical suitability for the Office of City Attorney.

Councilman Zine is a hard act to follow, but KRLA 870AM's Talk-Show Host, Kevin James was up to the task. James is a former prosecutor and he knows a crime when he sees it.

James demanded an immediate investigation into the crimes in Beverly Hills when Jack Weiss attended a fundraiser co-hosted by shamed ex-City Commissioner Kelly Candaele. Fundraising by a City appointed individual is a violation of the Los Angeles Municipal Code, and Weiss knows that as he voted for that law.

James questioned why, when the evidence against Jack Weiss is so compelling and basically unchallenged by Jack Weiss, there is still no prospect of an investigation before the May 19 election. It's not like there's that much to investigate - the law is clear, and the facts are uncontested. James called for the assistance of the media in demanding a swift investigation.

Kevin looked straight into the eyes of Jack Weiss spokesperson Ace Smith (bue shirt, hands in pockets) as he piled accusation after accusation of documented misconduct on Jack Weiss. Smith had no answer or statement for us, doubtless waiting for an opportunity to spin the story to the media after the event.

I wrapped up the Rally with my thanks to Councilman Zine and Kevin James, as well as all the supporters who took time from their busy schedules to show their support for restoring truth and integrity to City Hall.

I urged the media to inform the public of the need for an investigation into Jack Weiss's involvement in violations of our election laws, and called on them to deliver my demand to Chief Bratton that he immediately withdraw his endorsement of Jack Weiss. "It is wholly unacceptable that the Chief of Police of the nation's second largest city is endorsing Jack Weiss - a suspect in election law misconduct."

We'll all be scanning the newspapers in the next few days to see if our message is delivered.

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Anonymous said...

Great rally! Thank you for everything you are doing to defeat Weiss and his cronies! Sorry I couldn't make it is there another one tommorrow morning? I read on Mayor Sam's blog there is and Id like to go.