Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rally to Demand Investigation Into Jack Weiss Illegal Fundraising

When: 2:00PM May 13, 2009
Where: City Hall - South Lawn steps

There is now so much public outrage at Jack Weiss's flagrant and brazen flouting of our campaign finance laws that on Wednesday, May 13, 2009, at 2:00PM Councilman Dennis Zine will hold a Rally on the steps of City Hall, on the South Lawn.

Councilman Zine will lead the call for action for an investigation into Jack Weiss's illegal fundraising, and he will be joined by KRLA 870AM's talk-show host Kevin James in the call to action to put an end to the cynical disregard for law demonstrated by Jack Weiss.

I will also be joining Rally to add my voice to those of Councilman Zine and Kevin James, and I will additionally demand that Chief Bratton now withdraw his endorsement of Jack Weiss, pending the outcome of the investigation.

This is not a fundraiser, this is an opportunity for you to voice your support for an important call to end the corruption in City Hall.

'X' marks the spot where we will meet on Wednesday. I have marked the nearest public parking with a 'P' if you decide to travel by car.

Please join the growing tide of public outrage at Jack Weiss and demand an investigation.

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