Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Weiss Lies About Attending Fundraiser Hosted By Convicted Felon

Monday, May 11, 2009
More Jack Weiss Hypocrisy - Jack Attends Felon Fundraiser

Not content with holding an illegal fundraiser to bolster his failing campaign to become Los Angeles's next City Attorney, City Hall's 'Teflon Don,' Jack Weiss decided to do his fundraising at the home of convicted felon Michael Gottmann Rosenberg (54), on Sunday, May 3, 2009.

A pair of Jaguar sedans and a brand new Lexus grace the driveway of Rosenberg's $4M South Rimpau Blvd. home in L.A.'s exclusive Hancock Park neighborhood.

It was here, on Sunday, May 3, 2009, that Jack Weiss was rubbing shoulders with with Rosenberg and his guests to collect campaign contributions.

Court records show that on November 15, 1995, Rosenberg was convicted of a massive health industry fraud involving his operation of elder care and drug treatment facilities known as Walnut Convalescent Hospital, Convalescent Care Center, Hope House (also known as Merit Manor and Citi Lodge .

Rosenberg was sentenced to time behind bars and 5 years felony probation by the Judge who also issued an order that Rosenberg was "not to seek employment in the nursing-home or health-care industry."

Rosenberg opened his home to Weiss on Sunday to help Weiss raising money for his campaign. Weiss attended and must have thanked his host for his "support." Weiss, a former prosecutor must have known of Rosenberg's criminal past, but he must also have assumed that so close to the election, nobody would find out until it was too late.

Weiss was wrong. Very wrong.

Tonight Fox 11 News reporter John Schwada broke the story in the 10:00pm news. Weiss was visibly horrified at being confronted with the facts about his questionable fundraising.

Weiss tried to pretend that he did not know anything about it, but when Schwada told him that his campaign was aware of the 'problem' last Wednesday, Weiss changed his story and said he would be returning the money.

You can take that statement with a pinch of salt. Weiss was supposed to return funds from the illegal Beverly Hills fundraiser he held on Monday, April 27. But Weiss's campaign finance report dated May 2, 2009, failed to disclose any returned contributions.

The day after Weiss's campaign finance report was filed, Weiss went to the Hancock Park Felon Fundraiser, and today's promise to return those funds as well is just political hyperbole - a lie.

Jack Weiss has built his campaign on attacking Carmen Trutanich for being an attorney who defends criminals. Yet Weiss has no problem breaking the law himself to raise money, neither does he have a problem taking money from a convicted criminal. In return for what, you may rightly ask?

Court records show that Rosenberg was defended by two private attorneys, R. Tallcott, Esq., and J. P. Martin, Esq. I assume Weiss did not take campaign contributions from them, but with Jack it's all about "Listen to what I say, but don't look at what I do."

Thanks to the internet and modern technology, Jack's lies are failing to work and the truth is coming out.

Not a moment too soon.


Tom said...

At last! Weiss lying on TV.

How do you know when Weiss is telling the truth? His lips don't move.

Anonymous said...

You people are crazy if you think you can take on Jack Weiss. He'll crush you like the filthy slime you are. All of you better stop attacking the Jack Weiss friends.

Anonymous said...

To 8:28AM. If you're going to blog, get a grip and contribute something intelligent. Otherwise stay off the computer and take your meds! Do you really think Jack Weiss would apprechiate your stupid remarks?